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Published on:28th Dec 2012
Pharmacognosy Communications, 2013; 3(1):3-6
Research Article | doi:10.5530/pc.2013.1.2

The Effect of Phytogenic Additive on In Vivo Saccharides Digestibility of Sport Horses

Authors and affiliation (s):

Gálik Branislav1, Bíro Daniel1, Rolinec Michal1, Šimko Milan1, Jurácˇek Miroslav1, Halo Marko2
1Department of Animal Nutrition, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia
2Department of Animal Husbandry, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia


Background: Phytoadditives have a positive effect on animal performance. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of plant extract additives on digestibility of nitrogen free extract, crude fi bre, NDF and ADF in sport horse’s nutrition. Methods: In the trial we used 14 adult healthy warm blood sport horses (BW: 525±75 kg, age: 6.8±3 years). Animals were divided in two groups: control group C and experimental group E. The feed rations for sport horses were formulated from crimped barley, meadow hay and mineral feed mixture. Results: Feed rations of horses in the experimental group were added with phytogenic additive at a dosage of 1g/kg of concentred feed. Signifi cantly (P<0.05) higher digestibility of nitrogen free extract was found in experimental group of horses, which were fed by rations added with plant extract. The average digestibility coeffi cient of nitrogen free extract was 76.07% (control group) and 80.08% (experimental group). In crude fi bre we found a signifi cant (P<0.05) effect of plant extract addition to the feed rations. In the control group of sport horses we found statistically lower in vivo digestibility coeffi cient (47.29%) in comparison with experimental group (51.61%). Signifi cant (P<0.05) higher NDF digestibility we detected in experimental group of horses in comparison with control group (47.35 vs. 42.41%). Digestibility coeffi cients of ADF were signifi cant (P<0.05) higher in experimental group. Conclusion: In the experiment we found signifi cant effect of aromatic plants extract on faecal digestibility of saccharide. After the additive feeding we found higher saccharides digestibility.

KEYWORDS: aromatic plants , crude fi bre , digestibility , equine , nitrogen free extract.


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