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Published on:9th June 2015
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2015; 7(5):6-6
Original Article | doi:Nill

GC-MS Analysis of Bioactive Phytochemicals Present in Ethanolic Extracts of Leaves of Annona muricata: A Further Evidence for Its Medicinal Diversity

Authors and affiliation (s):

Yahaya Gavamukulya1,*, Faten Abou-Elella2, Fred Wamunyokoli1,3, Hany A El-Shemy1,4,*

1Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department, Pan African University, Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation (PAUISTI – JKUAT), Nairobi, Kenya

2Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, 12613 Giza, Egypt

3Biochemistry Department, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Nairobi, Kenya

4Faculty of Agriculture Research Park (FARP) and Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, 12613 Giza, Egypt


Background: Folk medicine has taken an important place especially in developing countries where limited health services are available. However, the absence of scientific evaluation of medicinal plants may cause serious adverse effects. Objective: To analyze the phytochemical composition of the ethanolic extracts of leaves of Annona muricata using gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (GC-MS). Materials and methods: GC-MS Analysis was used. Results: TheGC-MS Analysis revealed 25 con¬stituents of which 12 of the compounds were identified. The major constituents were two unidentified compounds with percentage peak areas of 23.51% and 16.8%. Of the identified compounds, the outstanding in composition were 7-Tetradecenal, (Z) (peak area 9.39%), n-Hexadecanoic acid (peak area 7.12%), Oleyl Alcohol (peak area 6.15%), Phytol (peak area 5.61%), cis, cis, cis-7,10,13-Hexadecatrienal (peak area 4.26%), 2-Pentadecanol(peak area 3.93%), 9,12-Octadecadienoic acid, ethyl ester (peak area 3.21%), 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, butyl octyl ester (peak area 2.67%), and 1,E-11,Z-13-Octadecatriene (peak area 2.15%), while the rest had less than 2% composition by peak area. Conclusion: The current study suggests that ethanolic extracts ofleaves of Annona muricata are a potent therapeutic agent and paves the way for the development of several treatment regimens based on compounds from this extract.

Key words: Annona muricata, ethanolic extracts, phytochemicals, GC-MS.


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